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VETS ACTS, also known as Veterans' Arts, Crafts, Trades, and Services, is a platform created to support and empower military and veteran entrepreneurs. Our mission is to provide a national network for the cottage industry made up of veterans, military members, and their family members, connecting sellers to buyers.

Our founder, Gary W. Birmingham, is a disabled veteran who understands the unique challenges and opportunities that military and veterans face. He created VETSACTS as a way to help homeless veterans find purpose, hope, and joy through entrepreneurship in the fields of arts and crafts.

As the program grew, we recognized the importance of including military members as well and expanded the program to include them, rebranding it as MVACTS (Military and Veterans' Arts, Crafts, Trades, and Services).

Our platform offers a variety of resources and services to help military and veteran entrepreneurs succeed, including:

  • A social marketing network of support and resources.
  • Opportunities to promote business through business listings, organizing tools, event promotion, a marketplace, and more.
  • Opportunities to make money blogging with affiliate links.
  • Connections between military and veteran businesses to help promote and expand their market share.

We are just warming up and will grow to offer more new and exciting things as we grow.

At VETS ACTS, we believe that every military and veteran entrepreneur deserves the chance to succeed. We are committed to providing the resources and support they need to realize their dreams. 

Gary William Birmingham
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18 January 2023
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Gary William Birmingham
27 January 2023
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04 February 2023
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20 January 2023
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