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Tailored Therapy: How the PAWS Act is Making a Difference for Veterans with Mental Health Issues

Service Dog Waiting Patiently

The Paws Veterans Therapy Act has been designed to help veterans with mental health issues through the assistance of puppies and service dogs. The bipartisan legislation, which was passed in 2019, seeks to provide veterans with the opportunity to receive therapy with a trained dog. The program will allow veterans access to specially trained pu...

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Combatting the Tragedy of Military and Veteran Suicide

Psychologist supporting patient in depression

On March 1, 2021, the United States Department of Defense, commonly referred to as the Pentagon, announced the launch of a significant study on veteran suicides. The study aims to identify the specific factors that contribute to a higher risk of suicide among veterans compared to the general population.  The study will be the largest to date, ...

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