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With your support, we will be able to produce beautiful, high-quality beingday cards that can be sent to loved ones and friends to celebrate their special day. These cards will be sold on our online store, MVACTS, and all proceeds will go towards supporting the beingday movement.

Your contribution will help cover the cost of materials, printing, and distribution of these cards. We are committed to making beingday a recognized and celebrated event, and your support will help make that a reality.

By contributing to our campaign, you will be helping to spread awareness and recognition of beingday and making it possible for people to celebrate and honor their own coming into existence.

Join us in this important movement and help support beingday. Your contribution, no matter how big or small, will make a difference. Thank you for your support!

What is beingday?

Beingday is a special day of celebration that marks the day of someone's coming into being, their conception day. It can be used to commemorate the anniversary of someone's birth, the moment a parent finds out they are pregnant, or even as a way to remember someone who has passed away. At its core, beingday is about recognizing and celebrating the unique existence of each and every person.

To learn more about beingday and its many meanings, you can visit

Our website is dedicated to providing information and resources about beingday, including free beingday e-cards that you can send to your loved ones, friends, and co-workers. By celebrating beingday, we are reminded to appreciate the lives of those around us and to cherish the moments we share together.


We are offering four levels of donation, each with its own rewards. When you donate one of the amounts listed below, we will send you a thank-you beingday card. Additionally, certain tiers include additional beingday cards that you can give to loved ones and friends to spread the joy of beingday.

Tier 1: You will receive a thank-you beingday card.
Tier 2: You will receive a thank-you card and two random beingday cards with envelopes.
Tier 3: You will receive a thank-you card and five random beingday cards with envelopes.

Please make sure to include your mailing address in the donation form. If you do not wish to receive the gifts, simply leave the address blank.

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No login is required to make a donation. Thank you for your generosity. Your donation will play a vital role in the launch of our beingday greeting card business and furthering our cause. We appreciate your support and are excited to bring beingday greetings to life.

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Air Force Disabled Veteran: Help Start a Beingday Greeting Card Business | Arts, Crafts, Trades, & Services

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