Launching Your MVGIVE Campaign: Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Create an Account
  2. Complete Your Profile
  3. Get Verified for Account Upgrade
  4. Upgrade Your Account
  5. Set Up Your Business Page
  6. Discuss Your Fundraising Proposal in Private Forums
  7. Approve Your Proposal and Open a Public Group
  8. Plan Your Campaign Launch in Private Forums
  9. Submit Your Campaign and Determine Campaign Length
  10. Launch and Promote Your Campaign on VETACTS.

Essential Guidelines for MVGIVE Campaigns

  1. Adherence to the ten essential steps outlined above.
  2. Campaign creators are responsible for their own campaigns and patrons.
  3. Donations from patrons are received directly by the campaigner.
  4. MVGIVE does not assume responsibility for any issues related to donations, refunds, or PayPal accounts and does not collect any funds from patrons.
  5. Campaigners must address and resolve any customer concerns.
  6. Campaigners must inform patrons of the campaign's progress and results after completion.
  7. VETSACTS will resolve any disputes between MVGIVE and the campaigner or their campaign operations.
  8. All campaigners must adhere to the MVGIVE Campaign's terms and conditions and any additional requests made by VETSACTS.
  9. We reserve the right to discontinue any campaign that does not adhere to these rules or follow VETSACTS' requests or if the issue is unresolved.
  10. MVGive is currently free to use, but there may be a small flat fee in the future, once a campaign reaches a certain amount, to cover administrative costs. This fee will be communicated before the start of the campaign.