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With my experiences as a homeless veteran, I understand the struggles and challenges that come with them. Arts and crafts became my sanctuary during those difficult times and gave me a sense of purpose and hope.

Years later, after going in and out of homelessness, I found a veteran's program that helped me address the neglected injuries from my time in the military. It took 30 years for the military to acknowledge them.

This is why I created VETSACTS, to provide a hand-up to other veterans in similar situations. I aim to give them access to resources, training, and community support through arts, crafts, and more.

I am currently funding the website and project on my own, but I am reaching out for support in taking it to the next level. With additional funding, I can hire more service providers to help with the website and set up a mobile office to travel and promote the program. Your support is greatly appreciated.

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No login is required to make a donation. Thank you for supporting VETSACTS, our mission to empower military and veteran entrepreneurs through access to resources, training, and community support. We are excited to continue working towards our goal of assisting as many veterans and military members as possible in their entrepreneurial pursuits.

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Air Force Disabled Veteran: Help with VETSACTS.COM | Arts, Crafts, Trades, & Services
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