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Maximizing Your Reach with Guest Blogging: Building a Strong Sales Funnel

Sales Funnel

Guest blogging is a great way to create a sales funnel and reach prospective customers in your target audience. By providing expert content from guest contributors, you can establish thought leadership and build credibility and trust with your audience members. Reaching out to sites that are relevant to your brand and industry will help you ge...

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Become an MVFORCES Contributor: Earn Money with Affiliate Links

Blogger in Coffee Shop

MVFORCES is a platform that provides product reviews and how-to guides written by independent military and veterans. The platform aims to connect consumers with reliable information about products and services that are relevant to them. The reviews and guides are written by individuals who have first-hand experience with the products and services a...

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A Goal of MVFORCES Blogosphere: A Platform for Military and Veterans to Connect, Share and Earn

Dollar money in pocket

As a military or veteran, transitioning to civilian life can be a challenging and overwhelming process. Knowing where to turn for help and support can be difficult from finding employment to accessing resources. That's where MVFORCES comes in.MVFORCES is an innovative platform that provides a space for military and veterans to share their stories a...

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Blog Writing 101: A Crash Course in Crafting Engaging and Effective Posts

Trying to start blog

Summaries can be boring, like this one: This article provides tips for creating influential blogs, including having a clear, succinct headline that captures the reader's attention, using subheads and bullet points to break up text and make it easier to read, incorporating images and media to make the post more visually engaging, editing and pr...

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From Idea to Publication: A Friendly Guide to Crafting Blog Posts that Resonate


Introduction Are you a blogger? Do you want to be a blogger? If so, then this blog writing course is for you! Welcome to the world of crafting engaging and effective blog posts.  In this course, we'll cover everything from finding your voice and audience to writing the post itself. We'll go over how to frame your content for the intended audie...

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MVFORCES: The Place to Be for Team Blogging

MV Forces Team Blog

Blogging has become a popular medium for businesses and individuals to share their thoughts and ideas with a wide audience. With the rise of digital platforms and social media, blogging has become an effective way to connect with people, build brand reputation, and drive engagement. To make the most of this trend, MVFORCES has introduced team blogs...

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MVFORCES: A Hub for Military and Veteran Writers

Writing on old typewriter

MVFORCES, a leading platform for military and veteran communities, is seeking talented and creative writers to join its team. The platform is looking for individuals with a passion for writing, an interest in military and veteran-related topics, and the ability to write engaging, informative, and well-researched content. As a writer for MVFORCES, y...

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